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No Doesn't Mean Failure

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Too often in business or life do we allow the fear of failure or hearing no stop our dreams, goals, or even the idea of taking risks. This course will empower you to face your fears, put yourself out there in a safe space, to overcome and succeed moving forward. Learn from salespeople, the art of accepting a no, not letting fear get in the way, and overturning those objections mentally in order to persevere in business and further your career. This is a group setting course and will use role-playing, group conversation, interactive games to complete the difficult task of facing these fears and how you can overcome them.

The Curriculum: 

Step 1: Admitting Your Fears
Step 2: Facing Your Fears
Step 3: Learning Creative Solutions
Step 4: Implementation


Don't stress, we are here to support you! Learn the lessons from those who have traveled the road before you, hear the stories, advice, and discover an applicable education in an interactive format. 

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