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Based in the Pacific Northwest, Avexa values the bravery of the modern entrepreneur and the difficulties that constantly arise. We are the people you can turn to when the desired results are not being achieved or when you need a fresh perspective. Avexa recognizes a need to dismiss the rules of traditional consulting and plunge into a new era for business owners that consists of education, transparency, and trust. Avexa provides a confidential and unbiased area for clients to receive the solutions they need.

Ralph Ahn
Chief Executive Officer

Ralph Ahn the Avexa CEO and Founder. He has over 15 years of experience in the financial sector as well as 10+ years of consulting. He has a passion for small business and invests himself along with his time in every client we have. Ralph pivoted from his specialized field in order to originally support his built community and share his wealth of knowledge and help entrepreneurs with the daily trials and tribulations that CEO's experiences daily. Ralph is a family man, and also treats those closest to him the same. He enjoys the opportunity for mentorship and guides his internal team as well as business owners towards goals. 

Michelle Williams
Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle has been a CEO, CMO, Director of Marketing, and Owner. Joining the Avexa collective family after spending years developing and navigating Sports and Cannabis Marketing in the emerging Colorado markets. She specializes in the unique and ever-evolving Marketing world, focuses on performance and innovation through SEO, guerilla marketing, and social media tactics. Michelle enjoys continuous education, videography, photography, and creative content creation. Michelle holds her Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and spends time nurturing relationships in business and personally.

Lizeth Headshot.jpg
Lizeth Rosas Lopez
Chief Operations Officer
Joshua Gilliam
Financial Analyst

Lizeth is a bright, extremely talented, and driven financial manager. She is a wizard with spreadsheets and handles large financial banking clients under pressure and with grace. Lizeth graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Financial Economics and a minor in Accounting. Her main role is to help clients with all aspects of their operations. This includes creating custom reports in Excel, financial projections, business intelligence, and ERP implementation. Lizeth is an avid reader, calming force, and an integral part of the Avexa team.

Raised in the greater Seattle area, Joshua is a natural problem solver and inquisitive mind. A Western Washington University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in design, and a minor in sarcasm. Joshua brings his skills in finance and design to assist clients with both operational and design oriented problems. When he is not helping clients solve their dilemmas, you can find him rock climbing or sipping on a great Pacific Northwest micro-brew. 

Built on mutual respect and differentiated expertise and experience the collective of CEO's provide a wealth of knowledge for emerging businesses. We focus on the pillars of business with our management being the greatest foundations for these pillars. 

Diverse in personalities and expertise, the collective believes in open communications both internally and externally with clients. The Collective continuously works together and believes in sharing work updated in real-time with clients. Avexa believes this transparency creates a trusted partnership.

This vision has created an open flow at Avexa allowing for partnerships with CEOs in various sectors and with multiple strengths, combining into the highly energetic creation of achievables. 

Avexa is a results-driven consulting firm that believes in guiding owners to achieve company performance and foster confidence and success for the modern business owner. For this reason, there are high expectations for clients. To become an Avexa client one must have a willingness to be transparent, learn, communicate, and be coachable. This exclusivity gives us the ability to apply full attention to client work.

Since the Avexa Collective believes in investing in the best, we provide our clients with loyalty and a premium referral group. Through our coaching, research, training, and materials provided the collective offers a wide array of assets for networking and growing one's business. This allows you to meet and understand other business opportunities in the area. 


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