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Experience an interactive and beneficial learning environment. Experience real-time feedback from people that have been there. Enjoy drinks, games, and building relationships with other  business minded professionals. Experience workshops, role playing. and real life scenarios.



If expectations are not being met,  call on Avexa to do a comprehensive and confidential review both internally and externally. The Avexa Collective will provide you with the information in order to make  informative decisions, guide your business, or gain a competitive advantage.


The Avexa collective very selectively partners with trusted talent to create a top tier referral group. Each member has been evaluated, vetted, and tested in their field to ensure quality,  results, and reputation. We spend the time finding the talent, so you dont need to waste your time.



As the offspring of traditional business and education, we realized, things must change. We are current CEOs, C-suite leaders, and consultants, yet we found ourselves exchanging success, horror, and every story in-between over events in our "free time." Finding ourselves turning to each other in the rough and dark times, which few business owners admit, the brainstorming began to happen.

There is, of course, traditional education, which taught us fascinating and applicable principals to current business. However, with technology ever-evolving and the tides of possibilities in education and trust waining, we realized our wealth of knowledge and experience could provide others with insight, opportunity, and mentorship, which lacks in typical education and consulting.

As a playful group of individuals that understand ambition, hustling late nights and early mornings, balancing life, and maintaining relationships can be difficult and lonely. We decided to join forces as a Collective to teach others to start businesses, mentor those CEOs that need help, and use our elite  group of trusted individuals to provide people with the help they need, but cannot find alone. In grouping together the creative, the resourceful, the ambitions, and positive, we developed a powerhouse that can destroy doubt and resurface optimism in business through proven metrics.

Join the Network. Join the Family. Join the Avexa Collective.

Meet the Influencers

Ralph Ahn
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A degree does not teach you the largest lesson of business.

Michelle Williams
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Life is a learning experience, we might not know what will happen, however we can plan on how to handle it.

Lizeth Rosas 
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Practice and repetition are key to running your business.


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